David Curren, Handyman

I am currently taking some time off from handyman work and not accepting any new jobs. 

good work at a reasonable price

Arlington, Massachusetts, and nearby towns

Recently, I have
• replaced window sash cords
• repaired screen, exterior, and interior doors
• repaired and replaced handrails and balusters
• repaired or replaced treads, risers, and railings on exterior steps
• built and installed closet shelving
• wired additional telephone jacks
• repaired kitchen cabinets
• installed the Container Store’s Elfa closet system
• hung pictures
• replaced ceiling light fixtures and switches
• repaired a picket fence
• repaired screens
• replaced doorbells
• assembled IKEA furniture
• patched small (48"x18") sections of drywall
• repaired and rewired lamps
• repaired wooden chairs, chests, and tables
• installed window shades, blinds, and curtain rods
• replaced medicine cabinets
• installed weatherstripping
• installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
• constructed a display booth for trade shows
• installed and removed small to medium air conditioners (7000 BTU or less)
• constructed frames for raised garden beds

No job is too small!

Just as important, I do not
• paint or refinish
• do major remodeling
• do projects involving plumbing or major electrical work
• accept work involving tall extension ladders
• do tile or masonry work


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